2015 Garage Rearrangement

We are starting the basement project and the ensuing cleaning and rearranging left no space for the work bench. For the last couple of years I have been working on two saw horses and 3 2X6’s in the garage. It worked but was not my beautiful workbench.  We manhandled it up to the garage from the basement and I spent a couple of hours getting it situated and everything set up the way I wanted it.  It will require some tweaking.

Note:  I took these pictures with my new iPhone6 Plus Camera and I have to say this is the clearest pictures I believe I have taken with a non DSLR camera.

2015 Optima Battery Replacement

Went on vacation for two weeks and had a great time.  After hours and hours working on the yard I needed some Z seat time.  I went to start the car and it was dead.  Though the car had been fine two weeks ago I figured it may have drained the battery a bit?  I put it on the charger and it started to charge.  30 seconds later it gave me a bad battery reading. WHAT? This battery is only 3 months old.

I took it out and went back to Batteries + in town and had them have a look at it with their special tools.  The gentleman who helped me said it had a bad cell.  A bad cell?  He told me they recently started production of Optima batteries in Mexico from the USA.  I asked if there was something better and he suggested the X2 Battery they sell. This thing is stout for the same frame of battery and best of all it’s made in America.  Although this kind of kills my red theme under the hood if the car doesn’t run what good is a theme under the hood.  The downside is I have to order a new hold down.

The guys at MSA had a nice chrome one ready to ship and available for the new battery.  I placed the order for the new battery and bold to hold it to the firewall.