Oil Pan Swap

Lots of effort to get the oil pan out and the new stock oil pan back into place.  I ordered a new Oil Pan Gasket from MSA, this is the competition gasket.  I had to steal the pick up and the torque bars from the 260Z.  Once I had everything sanded down, primed and painted, Ethan and I tore into swapping the pan.  It took about 5 hours and the instructions on Hybridz are fantastic.  Everything was just as it was listed on the website. I added the other pictures from the previous articles so it is all in one place.


Refurbished the Original Oil Pan

The oil pan on the car has leaked since I got it back from the machinist. I think its a problem with the gasket and the ability to not get to about half the bolts. Speaking of bolts; because the oil pan on the car does not have the torque bar and the bolts are two different sizes so there are a few of them that are not seated properly.

The original Oil Pan has been sitting in the basement and it was very oil and dirty. I cleaned it up, sanded it down, primed it, and then painted it.

The end result I think is a pretty good looking factory oil pan.

Race Ramps

I was looking for a better solution to Jack stands.  The problem with my Jack stands is there are just too much movement when the car is on them.  The race ramps are a far better solution because it sits on the wheels like it would if it was sitting on the ground.  If you have to work on the wheels, brakes or something that would require you to remove the tire you just take that one tire off and support it with a jack stand.  One jack stand in my opinion is far better than four.   Since I have some serious work to complete underneath the car I feel better with the car sitting on the tires.

Whats Left???

While the guys in CT work on finishing up the harness there are still quite a few little odds and ends that need to be buttoned up before we start the car and drive it for any length of time.

A lot of whats left is due to the fact I cant get the car high enough off the ground to perform the work.  To rectify that predicament amazon delivered two sets of 12″ Race Ramps.  This will allow me to get the car about 19″ in the air and make working underneath it much easier.  The hard fuel lines need to come down so they can be flared and fuel nuts installed.  This way the car is back to hard lines front to back.

From rebuild the oil pan has leaked.  It has been the bane of my existence and really irritates me that after all the money spent it leaks.  To be fair the pan is larger and did not have the compression bar that goes along the lower edge of the pan.   The competition gasket is what everyone who knows told me to buy and it should fix the problem.  I have to pull the compression bar and oil pick up from the 260 motor as I don’t have it from the 280 motor that is in the car now.  So I will have to drop the pan.  Fit a new gasket and re-install it once MSA gets the gasket in.   They told me the 21st of this month the pan should be back in-stock. I purchased the felpro gasket just in case and it is sitting in my office.

The rest of the wiring has to be completed for the new alternator.  This includes the distribution block and the few leads that need to be run.  The original OEM Fuse-able links still need to be removed and the new box screwed into place.  That is not a huge job but something that needs doing.  I also have to determine what wiring is needed from the OEM harness to the fuse panel so that section can be fused as well.

Last but certainly not least the proper clips to hold the emergency brake cables to the mounts are on their way with the gaskets.  I thought that perhaps my car would not need the cables swapped from side to side but I was wrong.  They need to be shortened. and the swap seems to be the best method.  Something else I will have to take care of before we can drive the car safely.