Alternator and ECU Install Part I

This weekend was the beginning of the ECU project.
Firstly, the 37.5Amp alternator wanted replacing. The previous owner installed a 240Z Alternator in the car and not the 260 45Amp alternator. Even still the 45 AMP still would not have sufficiently generated enough current and AMPs to provide for the car once all the electrics are installed. The Z was fitted with a 120AMP alternator. The new alternator should provide for all the electronic requirements moving forward.
Second, after watching video from the Haltech website on installing the ECU they use Velcro on the backend of all their gear. My Haltech will get the same treatment.
Finding a location to mount the ECU, O2 Controller and the fuse panel has been a challenge. There was quite a bit of excitement when the fuse/relay box was included but now it is proving difficult to find a place to house everything.

Air filter and Heater Hose

This weekend was lots of different work done. There is a recycling center in Cumming that has a 280ZX and I needed a couple of parts off the intake manifold. The brake pipe and one of the small intake ports so I can control the Fuel Pressure Regulator.

Second the heater hose was still sitting open. I wanted to close it up and get some antifreeze back into it. Napa had the hose connector pipe and the hose. The heater hose and the connector went on easy enough. The Z took two gallons of Prestone antifreeze.

Last I ordered a air intake kit off ebay. It fits well. I will have to pick up a 45 degree silicone tube, a 3″ tube and a 3′ to 2.5″ 45 degree elbow. This should finish my intake parts. I am looking at ideas for my Air intake valve.


Fluid Changes and Electrical

This weekend was mostly the small stuff I wanted to accomplish to get the car down off the jack stands. The rear brake clips are still wanting to be added to the parking brake. I will most likely order them from MSA but the shipping is quite expensive. Nissan may stock the parts and if they have them in stock then a trip to Buford is cheaper than the MSA shipping.

Getting the electrics ready to support the higher amperage alternator and the computer is also in the cards. Spent a couple hours going through the ECU setup instructions and planning out the electrical system. Remy Battery will be my spot for my new battery, grounding, ground cables for the car. These are going to be replaced so I know there is no issue with the electrical or grounds.

I changed all the fluids in the motor (Mobil 1 0W/40W), the transmission (Mobil 1 75W/90), and the rear differential (Mobil 1 75W/90). I may need to add some oil additive to get the zinc up.