Cooling Fan Rework

The fan came with horrible connectors when I bought them and they fell apart. Bullet connectors were chosen until proper connectors could be sourced and added to the car. Deutsche has been selected as the defector connector for the Datsun.
It took me quite a while to figure out how the pins and the containers worked with the inserts. What should have been a quick solution took me a couple of hours.
A slight gripe here. In the modern day there are not any instructions included with a lot of devices today.
After figuring out the way it should be assembled the time it took was quick and easy. Securing the cables to the fins was a priority this time and should prove to make a stronger connection. Each time is an improvement.

IAC Piping Ran

Getting the plumbing all set up and ran for the Idle Air Controller (IAC) has proven to be a pain in the backside.  I had to use brass pieces from ACE Hardware for the intake section as well as on the IAC itself.  So after multiple trips to the hardware store making the all kinds of adapters to mate to the hose barbs it is finished and connected.  I have to say it looks really good and should suffice nicely.

The next steps is getting the wiring for the coil packs and the fuel injectors.


Fuel Pressure Regulator Adjustment

After careful consideration the decision was made to take the FPR off the fuel rail and secure it to the Firewall.  This will provide a more sturdy way to secure the FPR and make adjustments.  It also allows me to use the fuel pressure gauge.  There was one major issue moving it to the firewall.  The intake was on the wrong side.  After studying the unit and watching a youtube on disassembly it was determined removing the 4 bolts and spinning the top was the best solution. The four bolts were removed and the top was rotated180 degrees and then the top was bolted back down.  The gauge was fitted and the whole thing was attached to the mounting plate.


Wiring Upgrades

Christmas in November as the parts from CE Auto Electric Supply arrived. This will provide all the power and grounding solutions I need for under the hood. This has got to be the single biggest improvement to the Datsun Z car.
This car is horrible for chasing grounding issues and lacking enough power to run the car the way it should.
The wire and 120 AMP Alternator should take care of the Z’s electrical needs.
The electric fans were posing a problem for me with the new ECU. Tony answered all my questions and came up with his Dual Electric Fan solution that should provide enough juice to the dual fans.
Working with Tony Candela was an absolute breeze. He was very responsive and answered all of my questions. After I paid him for the wiring I swear he had everything customs made and in the mail within 24 hours. Its very rare to see customer service like this anymore. He provides a great product at a very competitive price. His attention to detail is evident in every piece of wire. I will definitely do business with Tony in the future.  Check out his website in the left Storefront links section.