2014 Labor Day Weekend Part I

This was a good weekend. Took a few days off to get a substantial amount of work done on the car. The Datsun has been up on the stands since March/April timeframe and it wants down to get back on the road.

1. Finished getting the fuel tank plumbed in but was have some trouble getting it back into the car.

2. Tackled swapping out the distributor for the Turbo Z distributor. This of course calls for removing the oil pump because I have to change the shaft. The size of the front sway bar means it had to come off as well. So after taking off the lower pan, removing the sway bar and draining the oil I was able to get to the Oil Pump. The shaft swap went as planned and it was time to add the distributor. No issues on the top of the motor either. .

3. Refilled the engine with 6 quarts of Mobile 1 0w-40 engine oil and a fresh Napa/WIX oil filter.

4. Next was to tackle the coil pack mounts. The radiator needed to be drained to remove the lower radiator hose. Once the hose was off the bracket went on the block temporarily to gauge how much space was between the first coil and heater hose. There was no way the original straight hose was going to work. An immediate 90 degree angle was needed and it needed to be tight. A quick google search turned up a hose off a 240SX that seems like it would work. Autozone had on in stock and it went on the car beautifully. The original hardware to mount the coil bracket was too long. Smaller hardware and drilling bushings made the job much easier.

5. The stock air cleaner off the 1975-76 will not fit on the 260Z. The core support to mount the top flange does not line up properly. The 260′s core support hole was a bit higher than the 280 so it would not fit and make the corner. The second part, the top of the housing was too high and the hood wouldn’t close. Most likely the car will get a K&N right off the intake manifold or the one that goes through that same hole but with a different mounting system.

6. Like an idiot I tried to fill the radiator with the lower radiator hose off so I spend the next hour cleaning up the garage, it need it.

7. My friend, Ryan, came over to help me with the tank and after about 30 minutes it was back in the car and mounted. The tank sits about an inch lower. This is attributed to the additional thickness of the fuel pump and hoses. We put a gallon of gas in and nothing leaked yet so that is great news.

8. Finally, the exhaust needed to be installed. This is the MSA kit and I will have to say the fit is a bit lacking. Once I have everything running again the car will go to the pros to see if they can’t tuck it under the car a bit more.

Monday is still a day off so perhaps I can get a few more things completed.


Throttle Body and Throttle Cable Installation

There has been quite a bit of conversation about how to run the throttle cable to the TWM throttle body. After much deliberation and consideration the choice was made to run the 240SX throttle body.

The first part was to cut down the secondary throttle cable assembly. Then it was time to give it a good cleaning and polish it up a little bit. The results were better than expected. Once everything was cleaned up and mounted on the intake manifold it was time to run in the throttle cable. I do have to pick up a 8mm Set Screw Shaft Collar to keep the throttle linkage on. McMaster-Carr has one for a couple of dollars.

Next up was to figure out how to mount the throttle linkage. The kit came from MSA and the instructions were clear after reading them a couple of times. A new throttle cable boot was ordered the same time the kit was ordered since the existing one was destroyed. I followed the directions and put the cable assembly together and fitted it to the car. The fuel injection bolt provided a great mounting point for the cable mount. It took about an hour to fit everything in the cable assembly and get it adjusted properly.

All and all I am quite happy with the results.

AN Fittings Part 1

I decided to change to AN fittings versus barb fittings. Just for piece of mind as well as easy of installation. The original fuel lines might work but they have been painted by the previous owner and they are not in the best shape. The Russell Line, hose ends and Jeggs fittings will help with the fuel injection conversion.

Thursday the first set of parts came in. The initial order was short a couple of parts that had to be ordered this weekend. This was my mistake and rethinking how I am going to connect everything.
So after learning how fuel pressure regulators and other parts HAVE to be plumbed with O-Ring fittings I needed to order those pieces.

Next week and weekend should provide fruitful for the fuel system.